As an educator of over 15 years Dee Nix understands the disparity in education as it pertains to fair and equal funding for schools in black communities. Children should be able to reach their full potential regardless of the neighborhood they live in. Our students at-large face many traumas and while most go through the system successfully, Nix experienced the suicide of a former student due to comments of sexuality by a parent of the student after a relative was convicted of molesting the student.

As Congressman, Nix will:

  • Support complete funding for mental health services for children and families experiencing trauma, that has been identified by school and wraparound service professionals.
  • Work to reform standardized testing.
  • Mandate any school district , public or charter that receives funding from the government, must have a teachers union.
  • Establish a high-quality child care system for all families.
  • Support a minimum teacher salary mandate. 


It is important to break down a major barrier that further divides us as Americans and especially black Americans, by educating ALL communities about the LGBTQ community. This initiative will start with standing up against hate and discrimination. Dee Nix will make history as the first openly gay and openly gay black man to be elected as a congressman for the state of  Illinois, and serving the 1st Congressional District.

As Congressman Nix will: 

  • Fight to enact the Equality Act.
  • Support legislation that will fund epigenetic studies.
  • Promote equitable and inclusive healthcare for LGBT youth and seniors

Criminal Justice Reform

As a black man living in America Dee Nix is aware of the unjust system that fails to focus on public safety, mental health and healing. As a teacher and educational leader he sees unjust practices in school discipline systems that are a replica of the unjust legal systems upheld by the federal, state and local justice system. Nix is a strong supporter of criminal justice reform. We must focus on overcrowded prisons and require reform for people with non-violent offenses. He supports sending fewer individuals with low-risk, non violent offenses to prison so that state funding can be used to keep violent offenders incarcerated for their full sentencing.

As Congressman, Nix will:

  • Fight for legislation that will investigate racial disparities in law enforcement.
  • Support the legalization of marijuana, to finally decrease mass incarceration.
  • Empower the integration of mental health professionals and law enforcement officers.