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Happy Hour with Dee Nix

Sage Room Chicago 67 E. Cermak Rd., Chicago

We invite you to join us for cocktails and conversations with the candidate. Arrive after work for a few hours of great vibes with Dee Nix.


Dee Nix Town Hall Meeting

Life Redeeming Ministries 1505 West 63rd Street, Chicago

Come let your voice be heard. Join lead moderator Dee Nix with guest moderators Dr. Jeff Robinson, Papedia Evans, Deion Owens, Briana Bryson, Brian Riddick, and Yvonne Howell, ¬†Saturday, June 12th at 1pm. With the topic of education please bring your concerns to Life Redeeming Ministries, located at 1505 West 63rd Street. Everyone deserves for …