As Congressman, Nix Will:

  • Support the expansion of medicaid. 
  • Increase funding for mental health services.
  • Introduce a plan to make sure a robust system of support is in place for our elderly. 
  • Champion women’s health and the right to choose.
  • Continue to fight for legislation supporting Universal Healthcare.



The United States of America ranks last on access to care, equity and healthcare outcomes. Just about 27.5  million people in the most powerful country in the world live without Healthcare. As we provide some health insurance for low income families through Medicaid, the best care is not provided to those individuals. 
The United Health Foundation reports Illinois as one of the states that continues to see an increase in uninsured individuals over the past five years. With in that five year span we also had an increase in premature death due to racial inequality, frequent mental distress increased by 28% from 9.7% to 12.4% of adults, and suicide increased 26% from 9.2% to 11.6% deaths per 100,000 population. 
Universal Healthcare will lead to a healthier populace, and have a lasting impact by helping to mitigate the economic cost of an unhealthy nation.